The Red Booth

The Red Booth with Kimberly Q


Series – Entertainment


Half-hour – 200 Episodes Created – New Weekly – 24 TRT

NOTE: 81 episodes edited to 21 TRT

Airs Saturdays at Midnight (Sunday 12 AM ET)

A popular, independent, Vintage/Retro PINUP style TV Show/Talk Show with live band performances as well as updates on the latest movies and music with a focus on entertainment and creative fields as well as charity causes. This positive and uplifting show helps the viewer to get to know the guests and learn from their advice on how to succeed in their field. Focuses on music, film industry, directors, writers, athletes and more.

95.3 M HH Total US including OTT (Streaming/On-Demand) Youtoo America – 32 M TV HH broadcast/cable homes (Time Warner, Comcast and NCTC) Streaming & On-Demand: Youtoo America GO, Web, Roku, TIKILIVE, NK Telco, YIP on Apple TV, SkyStream Networks, Channel Master, CW & CBS VI (Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam)