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Half-hour – Series – 50 Episodes per year FRESH – 21:30 TRT

Sidewalks Entertainment is a long-running, award-winning celebrity-based interview and music program. With over 1100 episodes under their belts the show has been a popular entertainment choice to get up-close and personal with today’s and yesterday’s biggest starts like Salma Hayek, Julianne More, Jeremy Renner and more.

Broadcast Homes Across the US, Caribbean, Streaming/On-Demand – YTA (Youtoo America), The Family Channel, KVVB-TV, KOTR-TV, ATVN: The Astound TV Network, CBS Puerto Rico, The CWin, LocalBTV, 30a.TV, QuaHZ TV, KMRZ / My Holyfield TV, Canyon Star TV, 100+ more affiliates.