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Half-hour series – 22 Minutes TRT – 13 episodes – Season 1

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Half-hour series – 22 Minutes TRT – 13 episodes – Season 2

Season 2 Promo – Watch

Join Jill with two seasons of wonderful and exciting guests.

Season 1 Guests:

Tonya Allen House–Owner of Beartooth Ford, The Farmhouse General Store and Columbus Tire in Columbus, MT

Chris Capetanakis–House flipper and owner of Hestia Home in Virginia Beach, VA

Jill Janeski–Clinical Ultrasound Specialist, foodie and mixologist from Denver, CO (also our assistant producer)

Misty Firebaugh–own of Salon Avalon, mother and the wife of a sheriff in Billings, MT

Shawna Tjaaland–Insurance Producer at Mandeville Insurance Agency and longtime childhood friend in Columbus, MT

Belle Moore–Legend in Billings retail scene at Neecee’s Women’s Clothing Store, a survivor and amazing aunt in Billings, MT

Megan Martin–Community Relations Director at Explorers Academy – A Head Start Program, working mom and wife in Billings, MT

Laura Nelson–Agricultural journalist and photographer in  Bushnell, Nebraska

Lisa Buseman–Amazing salesperson and store manager in Missoula, MT

Lynne Turner Fitzgerald–Longtime TV and Radio personality and host of Boomers in Billings, MT

Cindy Epperson–former teacher at Sweetgrass County Highschool in Columbus, MT

Dawn Lee, Tara McNabb and Jessica Brush–the fantastic kitchen manager, trainer and server at the 307 Bar & Grill in Columbus, MT

Chad and Max Ferris–Cooking with my family in Columbus, MT

Season 2 Guests

Join Jill for Season 2 as she interviews and cooks with the following amazing guests:

Kristen Juras – Lieutenant Govenor of the State of Montana

Maestro Allan R. Scott–Music Director of the Helena Symphony Orchestra and the Southern Pennsylvania Symphony and Orchestra

Jennifer Balas Heggen–Entrepreneur and owner of Cranky Sam’s Public House in Missoula, MT

Danielle Egnew–physic, medium, musician, activist and host of Road Angel in Billings, MT

Elsie Arntzen–Superintendent of Public Instruction of the State of Montana

Shannon Cate Schweyen–Star University of Montana Lady Griz Basketball Player and coach and realtor in Missoula, MT

Nicki Larson, Kirsten Larson-Harper and Kelsey Larson-Daer of EBMS and Buffalo Block Steakhouse in Billings, MT

Lisa Kopanski Harmon–Former Executive Director at Downtown Billings Alliance and current Senior Pastor at Billings First Church in Billings, MT

Sue Ivankovich–PA at St. Vincent Healthcare’s Urgent Care and School Board Member and Sports Mom in Columbus, MT

Sam McDonnell–Owner of McDonnell Angus Cattle, former owner of Midland Bull Test and amazing mother and grandmother in Columbus, MT

Shannon Bailey–Cutting edge chef at Rizzos from Memphis, TN

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