Half-hour Series – 44 minutes TRT – episodes

The longest running football betting show(c.1988). Hosted by Trip Mitchell with Dennis Tobler as the main talent, and his expert guests, makes this handicapping show about football, the winningest in history.

Las Vegas-based Football Forecast Weekly is a fast-paced 40 minute television program that offers sports fans a complete and comprehensive look at the top collegiate and professional football games by one of the most respected and top handicapping analysts in America-Mr. Dennis Tobler. 

Viewers are responsive to the information gained from Football Forecast Weekly, consistently beating the odds. 

Football Forecast Weekly’s programming provides sports fans with information they want about the teams they watch which includes insight into what’s happening on and off the field that makes teams win or lose. 

Football Forecast Weekly first appeared in California in 1988 before moving to Las Vegas in 1991. Not only is it the first show of its kind to import Las Vegas style predictions, but lead the way by being named “Best Sports Prediction Television Show” by the Orange County Register in 1993. Mr. Tobler’s wide network of inside sources both in Las Vegas and “offshore” ensures the viewers receive truly insightful information from a betting prospective. 

Dennis and expert guests deal a straight hand in the pros and cons of the game, suggest picks and leave the final choice to the viewer. Football Forecast Weekly is informative and entertaining with special guests giving sports fans across America the kind of show they love to watch! 

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