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Half-hour – 16 shows – six more being created by end of May 2022

During the past couple of years, small farmers and producers nationwide became an extra important asset in feeding their communities. People realized how vital it is to support local food systems by eating as close to home as possible–and the number of curious and impassioned home cooks skyrocketed as restaurants closed. Plate the State travels around Maine to gather the stories from farmers, fishermen and small producers who pivoted during Covid to continue to feed and educate their growing customer base. Each episode focuses on a seasonal ingredient, such as Sea Salt, Oysters or Venison. After spending time with the farmer, we head to the kitchen where a guest chef teaches an inspiring recipe to make at home. We also show what to do with the leftovers, since sustainable living is more important than ever. New this season, we are adding a Mainer Made segment, where we feature artisans who create such cooking-adjacent joys as pepper mills, glassware or linens. Even though this show is based in Maine, the topics we cover–from soil health to diversity in farming– are transferable throughout the country. We have also added a companion podcast! 

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