47 Minutes TRT

DON McLEAN: AMERICAN TROUBADOUR is a music filled hour long biography of one of America’s greatest singer-songwriters.  This special celebrates the 50thAnniversary of his legendary song “American Pie” as well as his best-known hits “Vincent”, “Crying” and “I Love You So” and others. He has written over 300 songs. It also traces McLean’s affinity for music from the 50s, guitars, country living, nature and horses. It features concert footage and intimate live performances and is a behind the scenes look at a largely private artist who is considered one of the world’s best songwriters and performers. It features interviews with McLean, Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys), Mike Mills (of R.E.M.) and historian and author Douglas Brinkley. In his interview Brinkley states, “Don is a poet, he’s an individualist, a road warrior, a rock and roller, a folk singer, an environmentalist, but he is a poet in our midst.” And “American Pie was picked as the fifth greatest song of the 20th century. It is our country’s most fun song —not just to sing, but to analyze.”

DON McLEAN: AMERICAN TROUBADOUR is produced and directed by four-time Emmy® award-winner Jim Brown. According to McLean, “I let Jim Brown into my life because I respect him and trust him. We’ve known each other for forty years and he allowed my ideas to be fully realized while telling my story accurately and poetically.” Jim Brown countered: “Don McLean is a true artist and rugged individualist. He has deep American values that have defined an amazing and creative life.  I think some of his best work is yet to be discovered, and that people will be listening to, singing, and recording his songs for decades to come.”