Peter Nielsen Health & Fitness Programming

Peter Nielsen Health & Fitness Programming


Discovery Weekly – 25 Episodes – 21:32 TRT

Nutrition Shorts – 77 shorts – 1 – 3 minutes each (shorts)

Motivational Mondays – 35 shorts – :50 – 59 (shorts)

Fitness Shorts – 80 shorts – 1 to 3 minute (shorts)


Peter Nielsen BIO:

At the age of 15, Peter Nielsen was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Peter now describes Crohn’s as feeling like you have stomach flu every day of your life. After a major surgery and many consultations with the doctors, there seemed to be little or no hope for a very sick teenager. No one, including the doctors, seemed to know how to help. At best, life looked very bleak!
But God had other plans! Early in the morning, 2 dark years later, Peter angrily raised one fist to heaven while holding a razor in the other, and screamed a challenge at God to do something or he was going to take his own life. In the dark stillness of the moments that followed, Peter heard God say, “Give Me one more day, Peter.” That challenge began a life-long journey to physical, spiritual and health .
The journey led to winning over 50 Body Building Awards, including Mr. Universe and Mr. America titles. Peter has also been known as the Health, Wholeness, and Fitness expert on nationally syndicated TV and Radio shows airing on major networks.
On Mar. 7, 2001 the Crohn’s disease erupted to bring another challenge into Peter’s life. At 2:14 am his heart stopped beating for 43 seconds. During the miraculous recovery that followed God spoke clearly to his heart; “Peter, do you love & trust Me enough to boldly use your national platform to declare My Name, on your shows?” Since then, he speaks about the power of Christ to bring new hope for living in Health, and Fitness, in the spirit, soul & body.
The ministry of Peter’s new venture, “The Principles of Hope,” began with that same challenge eleven years ago. He enjoys telling anyone who will listen that hope is the confident expectation that God will keep His promises. Peter defines Hope as “Having Optimum Positive Emotions about those things in your life that seem to be impossible”. It is trusting the living God for the hope you need to “give Him one more day” so He can change your life, just as Peter experienced almost 28 years ago.