David Brunner – DBTV

I think the world of Kelly Kantz! She is a brilliant businesswoman who has a wonderful personality and lots of integrity. Everyone who I know feels the same way about Kelly. She is sharp and honest; two traits not found in too many people in our business. Many times I have asked her for advice, because of her impressive management background and also I know I will get an intelligent honest answer. In short, I enjoy our conversations and I enjoy doing business with Kelly because of her intelligence, experience and integrity!

David Kraus – Your Voice

I have worked several years with Kelly and all of our dealings have been smooth. She has brought our company a lot of quality business. I view a big part of our companies success to the working relationship with Kelly. If you want to work with an honest hard working dynamic person, Kelly will not disappoint. We still work with Kelly and all I see is a prosperous future. Thank you Kelly.

Tim Larson – President of FreeTV

Kelly is an ace at developing entire programming strategies for networks. Her expertise at connecting content producers and distributors is unparalleled.

Bonnie Bruderer – Founder at

Kelly is top-notch when it comes to connecting and media distribution. We have worked together many times over the last few years and I am always impressed with her knowledge and work ethic. I highly recommend Kelly to anyone seeking media advice.

Michele Leno, Ph.D. LPPsychologist and Talk show host of Mind Matters with Dr. Michele

Kelly is an excellent agent. Thanks to Kelly, my talk show, Mind Matters with Dr. Michele, is now airing via multiple outlets. Kelly is very knowledgeable and responsive. She has helped me achieve many goals.

Tom Jacobs – SailTrek/Creative Consultant

I’ve known Kelly for over a decade and found her to be one of the most professional and savvy folks in the business. She’s always been a “straight-shooter,” something much appreciated by someone who has grown used to just getting “lip-service” from a lot of industry types. Kelly’s the real deal!

Aaron Heimes, MBA – President & Co-Founder of e360tv Streaming Network

Kelly has been a trusted partner for years. She has the contacts and understands the landscape of OTT and digital publishing and how to best maximize the value of content. Highly recommended.

Al Bernstein – Al Bernstein Unplugged

In my more than 40 years in broadcasting I can count on one hand  the  people I’ve worked with who do their jobs as well as Kelly Kantz. She is the best at what she does, and she is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Kurt A. David – Change Management Keynote & Workshop Presenter | Co-Founder & Chairman of PurposePoint & The Purpose Summit | Emmy Award Winning TV Host/Producer | Former Professional Athlete

Kelly & Kantz Media have been a great television distribution partner. I can trust Kelly’s word like gold and her response time is second to none. We look forward to a long relationship with Kantz Media and would highly recommend them.

Michelle Harris – National TV Host, Producer & Spokesperson

Kelly is beyond professional and hard working. It has been a joy working with her on Alive & Well and other projects!

Brian Custer – Last Stand With Brian Custer

When we made the decision to turn the Last Stand Podcast into a television show, we had to find a media company that had an extensive knowledge of the television landscape. Kelly Kantz and Kantz Media made it happen and now our show, The Last Stand, is seen nationwide in over 150+ Million homes.

Al Snow – Gladiator Sports Network

We have had the good fortune to work with Kelly Kantz as our representative of OVW Wrestling and Kelly has been a pleasure to work with as a consummate professional. Kelly has been instrumental in OVW’s dramatic growth and increased opportunities within the television landscape. We cannot thank Kelly enough and would recommend Kelly to anyone who wishes to grow their television content business and increase their exposure.

Ken Foster – Voices of Courage

Kelly Kantz is one of the hardest working and well-connected people in media today. She has helped me get my show “Voices of Courage” on the right networks, and helped me expand the vision of what is possible in media. As a result of working with Kelly my show now has listeners around the world. Thank you, Kelly!

Tim Eaton – President & CEO at The Country Network

Kelly is an energetic, think outside the box person, who sees the big picture. Working with her is a breeze, as she doesn’t see the 10 reasons why you can’t get something accomplished, she finds the one way to make it happen. Her knowledge and connections in the business make her a valuable asset to any media company.

Harry Cicma – NBC Sport Anchor & CEO, EP

Kelly is amazing to work with, understanding, eloquent and innovative; also, very helpful. Thank you, Kelly for making TV Programming and development much more productive.

Richard R. Lee – On Air Host, Executive Producer, “Sidewalks Entertainment”

I never met Kelly Kantz in person. Our conversation was directly on the phone when we talked about adding my celebrity/music TV show “Sidewalks Entertainment” on YooToo America. Even on the phone, I found her as a professional, business-minded individual, but also someone, at the same time, that you could talk to in a friendly and straightforward way. The business lingo is there, but Kelly can speak to you as a person and not just a client, which is refreshing. After our conversation, she became someone I felt could instantly trust with our growing project. Kelly has been in the business for a while. She has the experience, she knows how to build strong relationships, and she is someone that can get the job done. Kelly is an asset for a broadcast outlet.

Jim Romanovich, President, WW Media – ATI President – Popstar!

Kelly is a valued talent behind the scenes of the television industry – expert in both programming and sales which is a rarity. She is a hustler and looks forward thinking opportunities in the changing world of over the air television. She has tremendous foresight into what today’s audiences want and she works hard for the team to stay ahead of the changing dynamic. Kelly is a pleasure to work with and I have always valued her expert guidance.

Patrick Rivera – Producer/Director – Trick Entertainment

As a Producer/Director at Trick Entertainment, I’ve worked alongside Kelly for the past three years. Not only has she been a key player on our team, but she’s also become a close personal friend. Kelly’s skills and leadership qualities make her an invaluable addition to any team with syndication, distribution and connection within the media industry. Kelly and Kantz Media has my highest recommendation I’m excited to see the directions in which Kantz Media grow under Kelly’s leadership and will always be a client.

Jim Brangenberg, Radio Talk Show on iWork4Him

What an honor it is to work with Kelly Kantz. She is a gem and so fun to work with. Kelly is so good at what she does helping others make great media buying decisions Kelly helped iWork4Him choose the best way to help our brand grow. She is persistent and professional and a true treasure to her organization.

Jeff Kreiner, LMAO Producer, SR. VP CBS, SR. VP NBC, Emmy Award Winner PROMAX/BDA Hall of Fame

What a pleasure it is working with Kelly. She is very thorough and very helpful in helping me with programming details. Kelly is very detail oriented and is always willing and able to help me and others in all matters.

Holly Marie, COO, EA, Producer, STOCK DAY MEDIA

Kelly is always courteous and professional. She is not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and responds to all situations, she is a great asset. Kelly is a real pro who has a way of bringing people together, a unique combination that has paid dividends over a long and successful career.

Elizabeth Motley, Producer, News at WFLA TV News Channel 8, WTTA-TV Great 38

Kelly Kantz is incredible to work with! She is dynamic, has a fantastic style of leadership and can motivate her team to reach and surpass their goals. Kelly is personable and builds relationships into long term clients and accounts. She is incredibly talented in sales — always over delivers well beyond expectations. Kelly is a valuable asset.

Scott Miller, CEO, Centerpost Media (Youtoo America, BizTV, BizTalkRadio, Bizvod, YTAGO

Kelly has a “can do” spirit about every task we gave her, from maintaining our current programmers to reach out and building relationships with new programmers. She also stepped in for a season and took on the role as VP of Marketing when our company had a void. Kelly takes her work personally and represented our networks as an owner would. That is a quality that is rare and the reason she was a member of my lead team.

Linda Wilson, Writer/Producer (Magazine & Television)

As a writer/producer, I have known Kelly Kantz for over 15 years. She is the hardest working woman in television that I know; and I know a lot of people. You can trust her. Kelly does what she says she is going to do. Talented, personable, and committed to her clients, you won’t waste your time or money investing in Kelly Kantz and her company Kantz Media to get the job done.